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2005 Entangled - for flute, Bass clarinet, electric guitar and muted piano

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Maids of Honor - for organ

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Pavana for Amanda - for organ and trumpet

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Alleluia - for organ, voice and chorus (revised)

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Recessional - for organ (revised)

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2004 Grazed by a Comet-for Disklavier, electronics and percussion (Dance)

Muted Fantasy- for muted piano and cello (Dance)

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Concerto for Electric Guitar

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2003 Dreamscape - for electronic tape collage (Dance)

Water's Edge - for synthesizer and recorded sounds (Dance)

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2002 Solo Flight 11 - for solo violin

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2001 Rowing Variations - for electronic tape collage (Dance)

Identity Theft - for electronics (Dance)

Passing Still - for tape collage (Dance)

Whelk - for electronic tape (Dance)

Chamber - for electronic tape (Dance)

Serial Parts - for electronic tape (Dance)

2000 Macbeth - keyboards and electronics (Theater)

For Sincere Sincerity - for electronic tape (Dance)

Milk AirWater - for tape collage

1999 Dreamscape (excerpts from Trojan Women) - for synthesizer and tape (Dance)

Yerma - for voice, percussion, stones and winds (Theater)

Atlas - for tape collage (Dance)

Fire Works - for synthesizer (Dance)

Readjust - for electronic tape

Shameless - for tape collage (Dance)

The Scottish Dance - for tape collage (Dance)

Yours - for tape collage (Dance)

1998 Trio for Tape 2 (Dance)

Piano con Sordino (revised) (Dance)

The Road Before Me - for voice and piano

Mass for a New Millennium - for chorus and orchestra

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1997 As you like it - for piano, flute, guitar, percussion, voice and chorus (Theater)

Four Percussive Etudes - for synthesizer and percussion (Dance)

Swept Under - for tape (Dance)

Songs of Dario Fo (Theater)

1996 Fanfare for David - for English horn (Solo Flight 10)

Painters Theater - incidental music for play (Theater)

Blue Harp - for harmonica and electronics (Dance)

Box of Rain - for tape collage (Dance)

Improvisation 96 - for mixed chamber ensemble (Dance)

Improvisation 96 II - for mixed chamber ensemble (Dance)

1995 Therese Raquin -for solo oboe (Solo flight 9) (Theater)

Flotes Follies - incidental music for the play (Theater)

Hesitate (from the Nile) - for electronic tape (Dance)

1994 Christine's Processional - for organ/keyboard

Song for the day - for flute and guitar

The Floating Cathedral- for mixed ensemble (Theater)

1993 The Sisterhood - incidental music for the play (Theater)

1992 Camino Real - incidental music for the play (Theater)

1991 Wedding Suite - for organ

Juliet's Theme - for flute and guitar

Romeo and Juliet - for voice, chorus, piano and tape (Theater)

1990 Egypt: The Source and Legacy - for electronic tape and live electronics (Multimedia)

Ceremonial Patterns - for electronic percussion (Dance)

Water Harvest - for water percussion, winds and chorus

1989 Solo Flight 7 - for guitar

Piano con Sordino (Solo Flight 8)

Trojan Women - for electronic tape (Theater)

1988 The River - for electronic tape (Dance)

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Duet for Guitar and Flute

Untitled - for flute, violin, cello and piano

1987 Sextet for Piano and Winds

Aurora - for electronic tape (Dance)

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The Boys - for electronic tape (Dance)

The Girls - for electronic tape (Dance)

Solo Flight 2 - for unaccompanied flute

1986 Three Shakes - for Bass clarinet (Solo Flight 6)

Double Quintet - for Woodwind Quintet, String Quartet and Piano

Cycles of Light - for electronic tape

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Cycloid Fancy - for electronic tape

1985 Wheezy and Reds - for electronic tape (Dance)

Spring Sonnet - for violin and cello

Fragments - for electronic tape

Trio for two clarinets and piano

Junior - for piano and flute (Film Score)

Trio for soprano, trumpet and piano

1984 Spring sonata- for piano solo

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Wind Waves Rhapsody - for Basset horn and piano

Periodic elements - Improvisation for large ensemble

Double Dance - for electronic tape (Dance)

1983 Wind Duo - for flute and English Horn

Wind Duo - revised for Dance (Dance)

Night Voices - for flute and harp

Rhapsody Quartet - for oboe, clarinet, cello and piano

Solo Flight 5 - for piano (Dance)

1982 String Quartet No.I, Aquarian String Quartet

Fantasy for Solo Cello (Solo Flight 3)

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Fantasy for Solo Clarinet (Solo Flight 4)

Duet for Violin and Flute (Dance)

Punch with Judy - for electronic tape (Theater)

Triptych - for violin, piano,timpani and percussion (Dance)

1981 New Wind Trio - for flute/piccolo, oboe and clarinet

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Prospect - for alto flute, piano and tape (Dance)

The 14th Jun - for electronic tape (Dance)

Untitled - for electronic tape (Dance)

Caught In Parallel - for electronic tape (Dance)

On The Edge - for flute, voice and piano (Dance)

Movement I - for chamber orchestra

1980 Cluster Song - for soprano and piano

Sonata for Violin and Piano

4/4, 3/8 - for chamber orchestra

1979 Sara's Dance - for piano, electric piano, chorus and soprano (Theater)

Solitune - for solo flute (Solo Flight 1)

Double Image - for two flutes

1977 Circles - for piano and voice (Theater)

Suspended Animato - for tape (Dance)

Media Nexus - for electronic tape (Dance)

1976 Three To Get Ready - for piano and tape (Dance)

Travel/Turn/Open/Close/Stretch - for tape and voice (Dance)

Rosencrantz and Gildenstern are Dead - for mixed ensemble and electronic tape (Theater)

King Ubu - for electric piano and tape (Theater)

1975 One Flew Over The Cuckoo's nest - for electronic tape (Theater)

Gemini: The Twins - Sonata for Two Pianos

1974 Theotronic - for tape, woodwinds, viola and piano

Percussion Piece (Dance)

1973 Sunyata - A sonatina for piano

Duo for Bass and Oboe

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