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Macbeth - keyboards and electronics (2000)

Flotes Follies - incidental music for the play (1995)

Camino Real - incidental music for the play (1992)

Romeo and Juliet - for voice, chorus and tape (1991)

Egypt: The Source and Legacy - for electronic tape and live electronics (Multimedia) (1990)

Trojan Women - for electronic tape (1989)

Punch with Judy - for electronic tape (1982)

Rosencrantz and Gildenstern are Dead - for mixed ensemble and electronic tape (1976)

One Flew Over The Cuckoo's nest - for electronic tape (1975)

Incidental Music

Yerma - for voice, percussion, stones and winds (1999)

Songs of Dario Fo (1997)

As you like it - for piano, flute, guitar, percussion, voice and chorus (1997)

Therese Raquin -for solo oboe (Solo flight 9) (1995)

The Floating Cathedral- for mixed ensemble (1994)

The Sisterhood - incidental music for the play (1993)

Romeo and Juliet - for voice, chorus, piano and tape (1991)

Sara’s Dance  - Piano, Electric Piano, Soprano and Chorus (1979)

Circles – Piano and Voice (1977)

King Ubu - for electric piano and tape (1976)

Uncle Vanya - for electric and piano and tape (1978)

The Imaginary Invalid - for electric piano and tape (1978)

The Rival of His Master - for electric piano and synthesizer (1974)

Crock's Wedding - for electric piano and tape (1974)

Sound Design

Figures in a Dance (1995)

Somebody Mighty Like You (1995)

Marat/Sade (1978)

Endgame (1978)

Waiting for Godot (1977)

Krapp’s Last Tape (1976)

Play it Again Sam (1976)

Seascape (1976)

Philadelphia Story (1975)

A Streetcar Named Desire (1975)

The Good Doctor (1975)

The Rimers of Eldrich (1975)

The Cherry Orchard (1974)

King Lear (1973)

Peoples Parade (1973)

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